Zoho CRM

The most comprehensive suite of business & CRM applications... and rock bottom prices

A positively massive collection of different tools that work well together 

A CRM offering... complete for a small business and explicitly designed that way.

Zoho CRM continues to garner "leader" reviews in the CRM industry




I have been using zoho.com for almost a year and I love it. The CRM is easier to use than salesforce.com and MUCH less expensive. The other tools like Zoho Meeting are great too. I recommend zoho.com to everyone I know!

Jim Soucy, Compass Health Insurance


We're Mortgage Brokers. Zoho allows us to keep track of all of our Loan Officers, Licenses, Federal & State Regulatorary agency contacts and cases, Vendors, Issues of Complaints, payments to vendors and regulatory agency fees and much, much more.


It is as good as Salesforce but far more user friendly and priced within most small businesses' budgets. Highly recommended to anyone looking for an affordable CRM as a database to keep track of employees, clients, vendors and critical related business events.

Fernando Mendi, 1st Continental Mortgage, Inc.


Really like how the logic flows. Also a convenient way to enter into CRM with realistic upgrade paths - job well done, technical & marketing.

Graham B, SwingLab


As a previous GoldMine and SalesForce.com company administrator, I feel like I know my way around CRMs, and am happy to tell you that Zoho CRM rocks! We love it, and can't wait on you guys to get more Mac friendly with your other products!

Angie Clowers, Director of Operations, Appendant Marketing Group


ZOHO, A great easy to use CRM product! It helps us keep organized with our contacts and leads. It is also allowing us to become Americas favorite LIVE CHAT SOFTWARE provider.

Adam J. Stass, WebsiteAlive


Using Zoho CRM in support of our business and think it is a brilliant way to centralise all our sales processing.

John Zamick, Dist Gen


Zoho CRM is a powerfull application, which contributes to my business.

Douwe van Oosten,Van Oosten Management


It took so long to find a great CRM solution and NOW WE HAVE IT. We have used salesforce, ACT and tried many others - Either too expensive, not enough features or just plain hopeless - ZOHO is the perfect fit for functionality and price. 


So good that we have recommended it to our overseas partners and suppliers - FANTASTIC! - keep up the good work and thanks for a brilliant solution at an affordable price. Really great.

Phillip, eNerwise


I first looked at ZOHO CRM because of the price. I decided to implement it for my company because of the quality. I decided to invest in the platform because of the innovation.


In my experience implementing a number of CRM systems from Salesforce.com to NetSuite, ZOHO’s feature set and ease of use made it the best fit for my company regardless of price.

Adam Stone, Founder, President & CEO, D-Tools, Inc


ZOHO CRM is simply the best. Without reading ANY help files I was up in running with the ZOHO CRM system in days! By day #4 I had trained my entire team on all processes and functionality and setup a series of automated actions to streamline my operations. 


I am not a programmer and I have never built databases before, but because of the intuitive and logical interface I was able to setup the entire system myself in the same time it would take me to communicate my requirements to a team of programmers.


Unfortunately, I spent 3 months in pursuit of a solid CRM – I was in what I call “CRM Limbo” trying out just about every CRM trial on the net, and getting more and more frustrated with each one. I went through 7 other systems before I embarked on ZOHO through a google search. With other CRM’s I just didn’t know where to start! Very discouraging!


The 3 things make ZOHO a winner are that it’s easy to setup, it’s easy to customize as your business evolves, and it’s easy to use and train employees on. I recommend ZOHO to everyone!

Mr. Steve Giovi, CEO, ImplantVision Communications LLC


I have found it to be extremely useful in staying organized. It’s a very affordable and useful solution for small and medium size businesses and definitely worth checking out. So far no disappointment.

Mike C,Henchmen Productions, LLC


Finally, someone has listened to growing small businesses that have enterprise needs without enterprise size budgets. The intuitiveness of Zoho CRM has increased our user CRM adoption rate; which has increased our business process awareness and our overall profitability.

Michael Mincey, President, Power Systems Direct, Inc.


We’re testing zoho crm and all I can say is WOW! WOW! WOW! We are salesforce.com users and tired of their aggressive salesmen and lack of customer support. They spend so much time marketing their very OLD product and recent big wins - ignoring the small to medium businesses who built salesforce.com (except of course when your sales guy contacts you to sell more stuff - whatever happened to CRM?) Go ZOHO!

Justin K, Source:InsideCRM Blog


Well, I was in for a pleasant surprise! Zoho CRM turned out to be a very solid product. It's flexible enough to allow for tab, field and sales process customization; has integration with web forms (which to me is a must have these days); has potent workflows allowing for alerts and messages; I haven't tried lead assignments, but is has that as well. 


It has everything one needs for support including the knowledge base and a well thought out quotation/product price management engine. But most of all, it's polished! The big problem with the software these days is that it's become "feature check mark driven" and usability improvements rarely make their way onto developer's schedules. Well, this is definitely not the case with Zoho. Two thumbs up and 5 stars!

Dima (Dan) Itkis, NPD Product/Project Manager focusing on SaaS projects


The interface is very intuitive, I barely had to use the help feature to get it up and running. Their Gmail task gadget is great as I have all the info I need on one screen. I also like the report customization capability. 


Overall, it is clear Zoho had the small business owner in mind when designing this. The automation of my sales process using this tool has significantly improved the efficiency of my pipeline & sales process management.

Mark Belchetz, CEO MB Consulting Inc.